It can really clean the glass. Evaluation of the strength of the new Hutt window cleaning robot


2019-04-19 12:06:39 Source: Sina Games

As the New Year approaches every year, we can always see news reports of tragedies caused by window cleaning without protective measures. Now that houses are being built higher and higher, glass cleaning is a big problem for people living on high floors. Today I will review a new product, the Hutt DDC5 window cleaning robot.

  Hert DDC5 window cleaning robot is different from the double-sided strong magnetic window cleaning products on the market. This technology-based window cleaning machine only needs to turn on the switch and place it on the glass, which is safe and convenient.

In addition to the main unit of the window cleaner, Hutt DDC5 window cleaner comes standard with 12 cleaning cloths*, 8 cleaning tablets, cleaning spray can, adapter, extension cord, remote control, safety rope and manual three packs of certificates.

  The appearance of the machine adopts streamlined design and frosted shell, which is full of modernity. Both sides are integrated with symmetrical hand buckles and air outlets. Girls with this width can also be grasped with one hand. It is said that they strictly abide by the design concept of combining form and function, so the integration of the whole machine is very good. What surprised me most was that it unconditionally satisfies my sense of God's experience. It has intelligent path planning and edge detection functions, so you don't need to worry about turning on the power and putting it away. When I have some small requirements, I can change its working path at any time by picking up the remote control.

  The main body of the machine is only 1.14kg, which is very light. The physical buttons are just the position of the fingers of the operation, so you can start up with one-handed operation, all in one go, and the experience is super cool.

 As for safety, the Hutt DDC5 window cleaner is equipped with a safety rope with a metal joint. The connector is a knob type, which is very strong at first glance. In addition, there is a power cord that runs on the body for double protection. According to the actual measurement, it fell from a height of 6m without any safety issues.

The bottom of the machine has a very simple design. In the middle of the two discs are the air duct openings on both sides of the signal receiver and indicator lights. This design is for the convenience of controlling and checking the working status when the machine is working outside the glass.

For safety reasons, I found the customer service to inquire about the usage details. The customer service lady told me that it is generally recommended to spray cleaning water on a dry cloth for this type of rotary window cleaning machine, and the Hutt DDC5 window cleaning robot can directly wring the wet cloth over water without slipping. What is a particularly powerful design that automatically adjusts the suction power (in fact, it is too professional to understand), so it seems that it is more advanced and convenient than the same type of machine and saves a lot of money. It is enough to change and wash two pairs of rags.

  At first, I was skeptical about the ability of the Hutt DDC5 window cleaner. Such a dirty glass must not be wiped clean twice. I specially wiped the dusty glass to test the cleaning ability. I did not expect it to be wiped the first time. The local contrast is very obvious. When the turntable rotates and wipes, every place will be rubbed a full circle by the rotating rag, and the path plan is the path that the turntable above will cover again, and the cleaning efficiency is extremely high.

It can be clearly seen when wiped to the bottom of the glass. The rag is too dirty to see the original color because of its strong adsorption force. After wiping, the machine sounded a beep and returned to a suitable height waiting to be removed.

  Finally, let's take a look at the comparison before and after cleaning, the effect is very obvious. Compared with the back pain of manual and traditional window cleaning tools, we can enjoy afternoon tea at home while completing the cleaning task. The results are even more than expected. We successfully wiped away the accumulated dust and dirt for a long time. air.

  This is the appearance of the rag after wiping the window. The adsorption capacity of the window cleaner is very strong. It can be clearly seen that a large circle of solid stains gather around the air duct. It seems that the contact area between the rag and the glass is still very full. The ones that are adsorbed on the rag will not fall everywhere.

Of course, the Hutt window cleaning robot can not only clean glass, such as bathroom tiles, mirrors, doors, etc., but also use it for cleaning. You can even use it to clean cars. It has multiple uses and versatility.


  [Summary]  Hert DDC5 window cleaning robot is very fast and worry-free in the process of using. Of course, whether it is a sweeper or a window cleaning machine, the edge area is a place that is more difficult to clean for a fully automatic robot, although it has already done it. 98% of the coverage area, but there will inevitably be a small blind spot, but the overall window cleaning effect is very satisfactory. Compared with the same type of window cleaning robot, its appearance and efficiency are very high, and it is worth recommending.

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